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2016 Event Winners

May 4 – Best Shot

Lowest Score with a 35 – Diane Howe, Cindy Ford, Joyce Norris, Sherri Bowen

May 11 – Closest to Pin

Maria Bennett

Special acknowledgement to the team that finished 9 holes in the rain: Barb Farrow,  Colleen Monahan, Jan Gillum

May 18 – Count your Putts

Least Putts with 16 – Mary Dunley and Laura Barber

Most Putts with 25 – Marsha Ahrens

May 25 – Best Shot

1st Flight with 34 – Sheila Grebert, Kim Hearn, Julie Kotz, Amy Risius

2nd Flight with 43 – Lisa Norris, Sheila Hourigan, Dayna Taylor, Peggy Krentz

June 1 – Reverse your Score

High Score with 95 – Maria Bennett

Low Score with 5 – Molly Ryan, Carol Moser, Kathy Conlan

June 8-Most 5s, 6s, 7s

Most 5s-Cathy West

Most 6s-Kris Houston

Most 7s-Stacy Timperley

 June 15-Pars or Double Bogeys

Most pars-Bree Cooper (3)  score=46  & Kate Latham  score=43

Most double bogeys-Maria Bennett (5)  score =56 & Melanie Campbell  score=51

June 22-Pin events

Longest putt: Pam Hines
Closest to pin: Melanie Campbell

June 29th-Guess your score

Bev Helverson: 47
Amy Risius: 50
Frannie Boggs: 58
Kathy Davidson:59
Melissa Tangen: 68

July 6-Count your putts

Least Putts:  Jan Sewright: 14, Mary Dunley: 15
Most Putts: Suzy Moritz: 26, Barb Farrow: 24

July 13 – Reverse your Score

Winners:  Katie Latham, Sandy Cooney, Julie Svec, Barb Scheetz

July 20 – Pin Events

Winners:  Lori McLanahan, Ana Howe

July 27 – Best Shot

1st Flight:  Sue Hanke, Nell Duwelius, Joan Erwine, Julie Svec

2nd Flight:  Julie Siberz, Sue Flynn, Fran Boggs, Betty Schlievert

August 3 – Most 5’s. 6’s and 7’s

Most 5’s – Carol Moser

Most 6’s – Barb Farrow

Most 7s – Justine Morton

August 10 – Most Pars and Double Bogeys


August 17 – Club Tournament (reduced to 9 holes) 

August 24 – 2nd Round of Club Tournament


August 31 – Best Shot – Last night of golf

No Prizes award