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When does the league play?

On Wednesday nights from May 3 through August 30.

When are the tee times?

9-hole tee times start at 3:00 and times are assigned to each foursome so you play at the same time each week unless there is a shotgun event.   18 hole players make their own tee times and play at their convenience on league day.

What are the league fees?

The league fee is $40, which covers refreshments and prizes for the kick off meeting and banquet and also goes toward any administration costs for the league.  An additional $25 is charged if you choose to have a handicap.   Weekly green fees are $18 for 9 holes ($16 for Seniors 62+) and $24 for 18 holes ($21 for Seniors 62+).  Cart Fees are $12 for 9 holes and $15 for 18 holes.

Why should I have a handicap?

A golf handicap measures a player’s potential ability to achieve a certain score compared to an expert-amateur’s ability to do the same. Defined by a number, a handicap allows golfer’s to compete on an equal basis, which is great when playing in tournaments or other golf venues.    If you are a scratch golfer you have a zero handicap and are given no strokes to adjust your final score. The local golf association assesses the difficulty of the course, with a course rating and index. All 18 holes are rated in terms of difficulty, with the hardest hole given the “1 rating” and the easiest given the “18.” If you have a 7 handicap, then you are given strokes on the seven hardest rated holes, which allows you to be on the same level as a scratch golfer. If you have a handicap of 24, then you would get a handicap of two strokes on the six most difficult rated holes and one stroke on the rest.  You must have at least 5 scores to establish a handicap.

Having a handicap allows you to track improvements to your game and is required if you are going to participate in an event that uses your handicap for score adjustment.

I already have a handicap at a club that I belong to.  Do I need to sign up for a handicap for the Waveland league?

No.  Your handicap is transferable to any course you play on.

League play has already started.  Can I still join the league?

If we still have tee times available, we welcome people to join anytime.  You will need to pay your league fee of $40 and handicap fee of $25 (if you choose to have a handicap).   If league has started and you are interested in joining, contact Colleen Monahan, our Secretary/Treasurer at golfnutc@me.com.

I’ve heard Waveland is a really hard course.  Do I have to be a great golfer to play here?

Let’s face it.  All courses have their own special challenges and hard means different things to different golfers.  No, you do not have to be a great golfer to play here.   Just come out and play.  Enjoy the course, enjoy the golf and have a great time!